Reconnecting with your loved one is easy. Start by completing a profile for yourself and your Loved One. The profiles you create will be used to match you with the Personator that is right for you.


Create Your Personal Profile

To begin, we ask you some questions about yourself. The questions start out general and become more personal as you go. Your honest answers will allow us to provide you with an experience that feels true to yourself and your relationship with your Loved One.


Create Your Loved One’s Profile

Next, we’ll ask you about your Loved One. These questions also start off general and become more personal. We focus on learning as much as possible about your relationship with your Loved One so we can represent them genuinely. You can also upload a photo of your Loved One so you see their face when receiving their messages.


Get Matched With a Personator

Once we know more about you, your Loved One, and your relationship, we can match you with a Personator that is best suited to represent as your Loved One.



Start Messaging with Your Loved One

This is your safe space to say what you need to say. Resolve outstanding arguments, offer apologies for past mistakes, express your love, or simply say hello. Work through your grief and pain to find closure and happiness with your Loved One. But the story doesn’t end here.



Stay Connected and Grow Your Relationship

Saying goodbye to your Loved One is the hardest part, but goodbye is not forever. Stay connected to your Loved One, give them life updates, talk about your hopes and fears, and explore your relationship. This is your second chance to build upon your connection.

Your Loved One is here for you.

Start Healing Today